SAFECOM™, a product line by Radionics, represents the latest in two-way wireless technology for alarm data communication in the security industry. The basic building block for this wireless alarm data communications network is the SC9000 receiver system, which includes everything you need to start down the path to success. As revenues grow and business expands, you can continue to customize your network by adding one or several more repeaters.

Security installing companies and institutions around the world have embraced SAFECOM™ as the solution to communication insecurities caused by traditional wire-based communication methods. With advanced technology, continued product innovation, and the highest approval from Underwriter Laboratories, including UL Listings for AA Burglary and NFPA 72 Fire Reporting by Radio Only, SAFECOM™ continues to lead the way in fully-supervised, two-way alarm data communications via radio.

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sc9000 Your SAFECOM™ SC9000 Receiver can supervise, monitor, and control up to 2,500 remote radio communicators. The advanced ST1000 operating software not only allows you to remotely control your radio network, but also transparently interfaces with virtually any control station automatic system.
SC5000.gif The SC5000 series is unique in that it is an integrated alarm control and supervised radio communicator that provides virtually immediate signaling and acknowledgement to the central monitoring station. With 8 programmable alarm zones, full reporting, and remote programming capability, the SC5000 series is an exemplary radio alarm panel.
The SC4000 series is a UL Listed, two-way radio-primary communicator that interfaces with the existing alarm panel to provide radio primary, full-data transfers. The SC4000 series AL50 has 4 output relays that can be used to remotely control devices such as gates, pressure valves, duress alarm signals, and more. And, the SC4000 series has 4 E.O.L. supervised inputs for added versatility. The SC400F is UL Listed for SSWF reporting via radio only. sc4000
The SC3100 series is an excellent product for dealers that need full data transfer with radio-primary communications. Using SAFECOM™'s patented digital dialer interface, the SC3100 captures all of the alarm data that would normally be sent via a telephone line and sends it via two-way radio to the central monitoring station. The two-way communications capability in every SAFECOM™ product means that individual units can be remotely controlled and supervised. All of the radio control parameters and supervision timing intervals can be programmed directly from the central monitoring station. SAFECOM™ has taken care to design a quality product that is easily installed and will provide fast and reliable communications. sc3100/2104
The SC2104 monitors the telephone line for failures, and reports these to the central monitoring station. It takes less than 200 milliseconds from the time an event is triggered for the SC2104 to transmit its signal and receive an acknowledgment from the central monitoring station. The SC2104 has 4 inputs that are field expandable to 8, for security protection with or without a functional TELCO line. This feature makes the SC2104 ideal for accounts that require basic alarm data reporting with the reliability of two-way radio. sc2104/sc3100