Only licensed, professional Radionics dealers and installers may obtain a limited copyright and license which will allow them to display images or photographs of Radionics products in their marketing materials or on their web sites. If we determine our images and/or photos are not being used in accordance with the following guidelines, we can revoke our limited copyright license at any time upon 45 days notice in writing. So please read the following carefully.

Copyright Notice

Use of any Radionics images or photographs need to be accompanied by an appropriate copyright notice, such as © Radionics, Inc. If numerous images are used on the same page, a single copyright notice displayed prominently such as Radionics Products © Radionics, Inc. will suffice.

Trademark Notice

is our registered trademark and may be used only to identify genuine Radionics brand products. Proper use of the Radionics trademarked logo must include the registered trademark symbol ® (which is already embedded in the logo) for each initial use of the Radionics logo on any web site / brochure / advertisement / or other marketing-oriented page.

No Alterations Allowed

The images or photographs of products may not be changed or altered in any way other than adjusting the size to fit a page's layout. When adjusting the size, the image needs to be equally proportioned, i.e., it cannot be stretched or oddly sized.

No Negative Associations

Any use of our product images or photographs must be presented in a positive manner. No negative associations can be made in any way.

Professional Installation Use Only

Since only professionally trained dealers are authorized to sell Radionics products, all product images and photographs of our products must be shown in professional installation situations.

Non-Product Images/Photographs Usage

Radionics creates many of the graphics used in its marketing materials but also purchases numerous photos/images. In order to confirm the non-product image/photo you want to use is the property of Radionics, you need to write (attention: June Colagreco) or e-mail us ( regarding the particular image. We will respond as soon as possible as to whether or not you can use it.

Use of Radionics

The name Radionics cannot be used as a name for your web site or otherwise, nor can you claim to be a Radionics dealer if you have not signed a Radionics dealer agreement. If you are a Radionics dealer, you can say that you sell, carry and/or install Radionics products. Also, you may not use Radionics as a keyword to guide visitors to your web site. Some proper terms for you to use would be: Security Alarm Products, Alarm Systems, and Security Systems.