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Dear Prospective Government Customer:

Due to decreased budgets and downsizing of the work force, both military members and civilians in all government agencies, it has become time to rethink how we can still get the job accomplished with less manpower and less money. While manpower reductions and smaller budgets have been implemented, in many cases the responsibility and the job requirements have not. In some cases, the areas of responsibility and job requirements have actually increased.

As a result of the action, many agencies have chosen to convert their fire alarm, security alarm, access control systems, and central stations to Radionics because of its cost, maintainability, reliability, operability, and the advanced state of the art technology it employs. As a result of these conversions, they have realized several benefits.

Your agency can derive those same benefits by using Radionics state-of-the-art technology for your applications. Following are some of the reasons you should consider using Radionics products for your fire alarm, security alarm, access control systems and central stations:

Supply access is simplified due to registration with the General Services Administration (GSA) contract number GS07F7820C (expires August of 2000). Radionics is listed as a GSA Small Business. We are currently on the Federal Supply Schedule/Multiple Award listing.
We are one of only two manufacturers that make Grade "AA" UL listed two way radio systems in the United States. The system is UL listed Grade AA for high security applications, and also NFPA listed for fire. It can be used as primary or secondary communications in conjunction with our panels when used with regular telephone and/or our cellular options or in combinations.
Advanced technology provides improved maintainability, reliability, and operability that have not been available previously, i.e., the same panel can be used for fire, security, access control and E.M.C.S., all of which are determined by the end user and are programmable either on site or remotely. Transmission of data can be via RF, regular telephone lines, cellular, or a combination.
Reduced response and maintenance time due to each system device being individually addressed and capable of being reported locally at the site and the central station.
Interchangeability of parts to reduce investment in spares, simplify maintenance, while increasing reliability.
Available technology allows troubleshooting, programming, and downloading of information for historical purposes from the office or other locations away from the actual alarmed site via computer.
Customized programming and versatility of systems allow the user many more options than ever before available.
Central station receiver will receive RF and/or telephone data and has interface capability for computer integration.
Systems meet or exceed UL, NFC, NEC, NFPA, FCC, NAAA, and FM standards.
Reduction of investment in special tools, multiple test equipment, and/or training.
Elimination of unreliable items which either do not perform well or are maintenance problems.

To obtain further information, fire, security, access control, central station, GSA catalogs, specifications, training schedules, or other products, please call Chris Branch, Manager of Government Sales at (NXX-NXX-XXXX), extension 1836.


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